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If you are thinking of getting started with home composting, you may be concerned about how you keep all your food waste from rotting and smelling. Well, POWDR is the answer for you!

Composting requires a good mix of nitrogen ("the greens" - food scraps, etc) and carbons ("the browns" - leaves, paper, etc.). For most though, finding enough carbon rich material is difficult. More than that, things like leaves and paper - while available - take much longer to break down leaving more risk for your compost to smell and attract more bugs. 

We've designed the perfect mix of finely ground, carbon rich material that has added microbes to help with accelerating your compost. Just sprinkle a few handfuls on top of your daily food waste additions and voila! You'll have great compost in no time, and with almost no effort at all.

We recommend subscribing for POWDR to have the right amount that you need throughout the year. We have a 1 or 2 bag option every 3 months. 1 bag should be enough for almost all, while the 2 bag option is available for those who have the Modern + Large composter combination and find that they fill their composters in less than 6 weeks.

- 1 bag = 7 lbs of carbon rich, compost accelerating mix

Already have your own composter/ composting location at home but are looking for a way to minimize smells and help accelerate your composting process? Subscribing for POWDR alone could be the solution for you.

Whether you are just getting started, or have been composting for a while but are looking for a better "browns" option, POWDR is the key for making your composting simple and smell-free!