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Food Waste Releases Harmful Methane Gas

There is a better way

Home Composting!

Composting is the natural way of breaking down organic food waste into nutrient rich soil.

Our goal is to spread awareness on the benefits of composting and show that home composting can be easy, fun, and rewarding. We offer the tools and learnings needed to create your own compost and give back to our planet.

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How it Works

I always assumed that composting would smell bad, but since I got started I have been very surprised to find that there are only great fresh-earth smells. I also love how it has my kitchen smelling even fresher without days of food waste in the garbage. Home composting has also significantly reduced my garbage bag usage.


I thought composting would require a lot of time and energy. This solution and recommended process helped make it seamless and easy!


I live in an apartment and don't have access to the right "browns" to compost well. With my POWDR subscription, I get access to all the "browns" I need to keep my compost smell free and working great!


Starting your own home composter can be intimidating. Does
it smell? Is it labor intensive? Will there be bugs?

We are here to help clarify all your concerns and questions!


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